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Tools to help you work from home

If you’re going to work from home, you’re going to need tools to help you do your job and stay organized.

You might need project management services, software to make video calls, file storage solutions, and tools to manage your finances. To name just a few.

Below, you’ll find our list of the top homeworking tools you might find useful.

Project management

Manage your various tasks and to-do lists with these helpful tools.




Video calls

Connect with your team and clients through video conferencing.


Microsoft Teams

File storage

Store your files – or back-ups – in the cloud with these online storage options.


Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive

Apple iCloud


The key to any successful business: manage your cash flow properly!



Sage One

Ad optimization

Ezoic – Read our Ezoic Review.

Outsourcing tasks

Fiverr – Hire people to write articles for your website, design your business logo, and more.